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SecPointWith Portable Penetrator you can find out if your Wifi networks are wide open to attackers!

Wifi Password Recovery

 Wireless Auditing via WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Cracking


The primary purpose of using a Wifi password recovery software is to assist in finding a lost or forgotten Wifi password.  A secure password should be made up of a combination of letters in upper and lower cases and numbers.  Because of the odd combination of a password to make it more secure, it is easy to forget a password, or key, if it is changed very little from the original setup or if it is changed often. 


While Wifi password recovery software is intended to assist the owner of the network to recover the password, or key, if forgotten, it can be used to hack into other Wifi networks.  If a type of software is used by an attacker, the wifi internet connection could be used for illegal purposes resulting in trouble with authorities.  Having the Wifi connection hacked can slow the internet speed.  Another problem with hackers using the Wifi connection is the possibility of accessing shared files or emails.

Using a Wifi password recovery software for the intended purposes of securing a Wifi internet connection will make the internet much more secure.  Even using a WPA/WPA2 internet connection, which is considered the most secure, it is subject to being attacked.   The software will send an audit showing any wifi network use by unwanted individuals.  If your wifi is easily penetrated, the software will help create a password, or key, that is more secure.  Using a secure network is important to guard against an attacker. 


The primary use of a Wifi password recovery software is to assist the owner of a wireless network in recovery a lost or forgotten password.  Additionally, the software comes with features to test the network to see if it can be easily attacked.  The software is available in many languages


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With Portable Penetrator you can find out if your Wifi networks are wide open to attackers!

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 Risks of not having a secure WiFi

  • Loss of network access, including e-mail, Web and other services that can cause business downtime.
  • Loss of confidential information, including passwords,customer data, intellectual property, and more
  • Legal liabilities associated with unauthorized users

SecPointMost of the wireless vulnerabilities are in the 802.11 protocol and within wireless access points (APs)

The central hublike devices that allow wireless clients to connect to the network.
Wireless clients have some vulnerabilities as well.

SecPointVarious fixes have come along in the recent years to address these vulnerabilities, but most of these fixes have not been applied or are not enabled by default.
You may also have employees installing rogue WLAN equipment on your network without your knowledge.
This is the most serious threat to your wireless security and a difficult one to fight off.

SecPointEven when WLANs are hardened and all the latest patches have been applied, you still may have some serious security problems, such as
DoS Denial of Service and man in the middle attacks (Like you have on wired networks), that will likely be around for a while.